AD1816 OSS sound driver for Linux 2.x

Note: The AD1816 OSS driver has been replaced by the ALSA AD1816 driver in recent Linux 2.6.x kernels. The ALSA AD1816 is not maintained by me, but the ALSA team.
Please send bug reports regarding the ALSA AD1816 driver to the ALSA team at

The AD1816A OSS sound driver for Linux is a sound driver for sound cards based on the Analog Device AD1816A sound chip, which is able to do full-duplex PCM audio. Currently only the PCM audio and mixer part of the AD1816A sound chip are supported by the driver, however the synthesiser and MIDI part should work with the OPL-3 and MPU stand-alone drivers, too.

Supported cards:

The following cards/systems are known to work with the AD1816A OSS sound driver for Linux: There are known problems with cards listed in parenthesis. They may work after the W*nd*ws has been started once before warm booting into Linux or may not work at all.


The AD1816A OSS sound driver is part of the Linux kernel since Linux 2.4.0. A driver for Linux 2.0.x and 2.2.x kernels is available on request.

Module parameters:

There are various module parameters, that may be passed to the AD1816A sound driver module, when loading the module into the kernel. Starting with Linux 2.4.x most of the parameters may be determined and set by the in-kernel Plug'n'Play subsystem. However in some cases, especially if you have problems getting the card to work properly, it is desireable to configure the card manually using the isapnp utilities.

The following parameters are recognized by the AD1816A sound driver module:
Parameter Function
io IO address of AD1816A native register set (IO 2 when using the pnpdump utility)
irq IRQ line
dma First DMA channel
dma2 Second DMA channel (for full-duplex audio)
ad1816_clockfreq Clock frequence of the external oscillator in kHz. The AD1816A is designed to operate at exactly 33MHz (33000kHz), however some cards have (cheaper, mostly 32.125MHz) oscillators with a different clock frequency. This parameter can be used to compensate the error introduced by those oscillators.
options If your have problems getting PCM audio to work properly, set this to '1'.
isapnp Set this to '0' to disable configuration of the card through the in-kernel Plug'n'Play subsystem.
isapnpjump Skip first n cards when configuring multiple sound cards using the in-kernel Plug'n'Play subsystem.

Mixer controls

Mixer control Function
PCM PCM volume
LINE external LINE volume
MIC (left) MICROPHONE volume
MIC (right) PHONE IN volume
CD CD volume
RECLEVEL RECORDING gain of select recording source
LINE1 internal connector
LINE2 external synth volume
LINE3 (left) 3D Phat Stereo effect
LINE3 (right) POHNE OUT volume


Please send questions, suggestions and patches regarding the Linux AD1816 OSS sound driver to:

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